We provide a comprehensive range of Automotive industry-oriented training programmes focused on the improvement of people and processes within departments providing both commercial and technical services to customers. Our style and content is based on real-scenarios, and our unprecedented knowledge of the automotive industry means that our trainers are able to deliver work-ready knowledge to deal with challenges, and explore the use of the tools and skills in workshops.

Our automotive students work with experts in industry-simulated workshops. With about 80 service centers throughout Malaysia, students will gain industry relevant training as well as job opportunities.

We aim to be the country’s quality private skilled and industrial based in-depth training mentor, and eventually in Indo-China. Our advanced certificates will be recognized and accredited locally and globally. We are your knowledge-transfer partner between key country’s industrial wants and academic needs.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

TCTECH Training

All lessons are guided by experienced trainers to ensure safety and effective learning.
Our students are engaged in practical trainings as well as classroom studies.

TCTECH Student Achievements

Lee Wye How
Technician @ TCEAS Balakong
(Graduated with SKM Level 3)

Kadiravan A/L Winugobar
Technical Assistant @ Renault Malaysia
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, and C&G Diploma)

Eric Kishen Menon
Technician @ Rolls - Royce Motorcars KL
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, and C&G Diploma)

Chong Kit Hung
Technician @ Tan Chong Industrial Equipment
(Graduated with SKM Level 3)

Johnson Ong
Service Manager @ Peugeot
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, C&G Diploma)

Chow Yee Choong
Technician, German Motors Sdn Bhd
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, and C&G Diploma)

Aaron Joshua Wilfrid
Service Advisor @ Renault Malaysia
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, and C&G Diploma)

Teh Yew Zan
Senior Technician, BMW RaZa Premium Kota Bharu
(Graduated with SKM (AIP) and TCAT)

Lim Choong Yin
Technician @ Tiong Merz Kota Bharu
(Graduated with TCAT)

Alvin Chiang
Technician @ Renault Malaysia
(Graduated with SKM Level 3, and C&G Diploma)

Adeline Rossy Andrew
Service Advisor @ Audi
(Graduated with SKM Level 4, and C&G Diploma)

Ralph Richard Atilano
Technician at Mitsubishi Service Centre Sandakan
(Graduated with SKM Level 2)

Neoh Chan Yee
Technician @ TCEAS Butterworth
(Graduated with C&G Diploma)

Teh Jia Yit
Service Advisor @ Volkswagen Service Centre
(Graduated with C&G Diploma)

Chong Fu Kiong
Technician @ Juita Sdn Bhd Sandakan
(Graduated with TCAT)

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