CGU Workshop

Last year (2013) December, TCCAMS and Chang Gung University (CGU, funded by the late Wang Yung-ching, also known as the “God of Management” in Taiwan) joined together to sign a collaborative working MOU. The purpose of this joint relationship is to continue and to pass on the Late Wang’s management philosophy and his successful story.

TC CAMS to start our joint relationship with CGU, a whole year Executive Development Program (EDP) will be established. This EDP program is to serve as knowledge transfer between CGU and our participants through the continuous learning of Formosa Plastic’s Management Philosophy. This is the efforts of coordination from TC CAMS with the first inspiration from chairman of Tan Chong Group, Dato’ Tan Heng Chew.

Participants will expose to the vast opportunities to learn in-depth on the 4 important areas identified asLeadership (20%), General Management Office (GMO) (20%), Human Resource Management (HRM) (20%), and Activity Based Costing (ABC) (40%).

For study duration of one year, the participants will be monitored closely on the progress through a completion of a few series of assignments and a workbook with checklists will be given.

Some benefits our participants will gain are –

  • Live field work experience in Formosa Plastic Group in Taiwan
  • Capable to adapt and implement Late Wang’s philosophy into their department
  • Great exposure of learning which is equivalent to Master of Business Administration upon completion of EDP
  • Ability to produce case study of their own department as for reference on the next success

Our first event will be the 2-day Introductory FPG’s Management Philosophy Workshop in Malaysia, to train our participants in the areas of leadership, general management office, human resource and activity-based costing. Throughout the 2 days in this workshop, managers will gain the knowledge of managing the administration office, development of business model, and managing financial within organization, where the learning materials can be downloaded from below:

1. Leadership & General Management Office (Day 1)

2. Human Resource Management (Day 1)

3. Corporate Financial Management Operation (Day 2)

4. Activity Based Costing (Day 2)


Two experts in FPG’s Management Philosophy, from CGU:

Prof. Sy-Ming Guu, Prof. Yih-Wen Shyu



Other book references from the Late Wang Yong-ching will be available for our participants to borrow:





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